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Default File renaming in LR

When I first started using LR, I decided on a naming scheme for my files. Over time, however, this scheme has had problems. For submitting sets of images to clients, responding to calls, or creating displays for customers, my current file names seem cumbersome (some clients have indicated that as well). Giving each image a title can help, but still there are customers who want to use the file name for selecting images (instead of my spiffy titles) and it is useful to me to be able to easily see the associated file name. Up until now, I have, when necessary, given the submitted jpegs or tiffs new, shorter, names, and managed remembering how those names relate to the original files in LR with collections and entries in the Caption field. Not good.

So, I would like to rename my files in LR. However, I can't just rebuild the names: LR can no longer pull many of the elements from the exif data (like the original camera sequence number); and LR doesn't offer search & replace capability to pull apart the current filename. I have a batch rename utility that can do what I want easily, but then LR no longer knows what file goes with what image in the catalog. Anyway I can see, this requires renaming one-image-at-a-time. I've way too many images for that. (I thought, briefly, of starting over, and creating a new catalog, but of course, I'd lose all my virtual copies and I don't know how much else. So that won't work.)

Just thought I'd check if anybody in the community new of a LR ability I'm unaware of, or of a way to get LR to correctly find the newly named files (a pipe-dream, that, though a pipe might be what's needed here). Any ideas?

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