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Hi Bart,

Originally Posted by Bart_van_der_Wolf View Post
...One small remark, maybe a false positive from my 'Norton Internet Security', there is a 'suspect' file on Den4b's site called "", which is labeled as Trojan/Adware.

This is not to degrade anything you said or that Den4b makes available, on the contrary, just that one Aniti-Virus checker raised a flag. The Renamer application does not cause NIS concerns!
Thank you very much for the warning. The hooker app is a keyboard spy/logger so it is by definition a kind of trojan; I think that it is normal for it to be flagged as such. But I don't use or recommend it anyway. Coming back to the renamer, I have of course checked the renamer program against viruses/trojans and it was clean. I have in fact used many different renaming programs so far, but I liked this one as it is one of the most flexible, usable and fast ones out there.

Originally Posted by Bart_van_der_Wolf View Post
...I think you have mentioned the further reaching concequences of renaming in a DAM context in a comprehensive manner. Using the correct IPTC fields is important!
Yes indeed, pay close attention to the IPTC fields. To summarize things again:
- Title: the unique name of the original image (to identify and easily locate all the derivatives and copies created from the original)
- Headline: Short description or name/title of the image (so the actual title goes in here, not in the so-called title field)
- Caption: description of what is going on in the image and any relevant details
- Location: Specific place where it was taken
- City: City where the image was taken
- State/Country: speaks for itself.

One mistake often made is including the location/city/state/country fields also in the keywords. If is advisable to use as much as possible the appropriate IPTC fields (when available) and not duplicate them in the keywords.

Kind Regards, Cem

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