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Originally Posted by Ben Rubinstein View Post
Did the bugs get ironed out from the new version? There was quite a lot of them at the beginning then I lost touch.
Hi Ben,

With a software as complex as Autopano Pro/Giga, for multiple OS platforms and having to deal with a variety of graphic cards (to exploit the Open GL functionality), it is likely for bugs to surface. However, for my specific system and usage, it (V2.02) works fine at the moment. To follow progress on the issues yet to be resolved, and whether they are likely to affect you I suggest to check the APP/G bugs forum. Make sure to only read the threads for your OS (no benefit in worrying about other users' problems).

The benefits for improved Control point editing are significant, compared to the <2 versions, especially if you have a suitable graphics card. You can also install APG in its own subdirectory just like APP. That allows to fall back to the previous version should you need to.


P.S. Also don't forget that some reported issues are user error related ...
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