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Unfortunately, those who live beyond the riches of a giant metropolis like Paris, can get starved of resources and become alienated. In the case of even 2cd 3rd generation Muslims from North Africa, they are still considered "foreign". Most are good citizens. Often they are religious but almost never hateful. However, poverty and prejudice makes some youth susceptible to hysterical voices of hate to the West. Sadly more than a few are going to be influenced by sermons carrying hate of the West, spread by Jihadists. Worse, if they actually go to fight in Iraq they become trained to kill.for their cause. They return to Europe as dangers to all the communities!

The policewoman pointlessly executed outside the press offices of Charlie was, AFAIK, a French Muslim!

This is happening, not just in France but in many places around the world. It's made worse by the strident drive for an Islamic Caliphate. Now, ISIS in Iraq has a 2 billion dollar budget. This is no longer a problem for individual communities facing "terrorist acts" by lone wolves. This is a serious and dedicated movement where the disaffected are imbued with a spirit of righteousness expressed in slaughter, self sacrifice and martyrdom.

But I believe that the principles of civilizations greatest rational thinking*, support the Rights of Man. This supposes that each of us has inalienable worth and equality in every avenue of life. These rights now stand opposed to an evil culture that I believe is not representative of 21st Century Islam and the highest Islamic principles.


*Those developed in the books of sages and discussed in Germany, England, France and elsewhere and fought for in the French Revolution then spread by the authority and might of Napoleon's Armies and finally embodied in the charter of the United Nations in the aftermath of the calamities of World War II.
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