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Hi Ed

I soft proof everything before printing, even to the extent of a round trip into Photoshop to print through Lightroom. This may be particularly necessary in my case because I have a lot of live music images with bright colours that can be out of gamut.

I also have an XRite Pulse so I can generate my own custom profiles. However, for the standard Epson papers, custom profiles are not really necessary. I got custom profiles some time ago from Dry Creek Photo and found only a very slight increase in gamut as the difference. With colour prints I sometimes print straight off the soft proof without further testing and it's usually OK. Monochrome I find usually requires test prints as well as soft proofing.

It will be interesting to see whether my new profiling settings appear to make any difference next time I come to print monochrome.

Do your tests on your monitor come out the same as my findings?

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