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Originally Posted by James Lemon View Post
A world wide travel alert has been imposed. What does this mean that we are supposed to be on the look out for terrorists ? There is a better chance that you will kill yourself than being killed by someone else, so does this mean that we are supposed to be careful when traveling?
"Be careful".
Like, you wouldn't be normally?
And how is one "more careful"?
Maybe it means "more aware"
Treat everyone with suspicion, especially those with a swarthy complexion caring an AK 47 or wired.
Keep away from concerts, hotels, cafes, schools, hospitals, marathons, sporting events, shopping malls.
Wear a flack vest, carry a copy of the Koran and learn to play dead.
Keep off trains, planes and buses.

Oh, one more thing. When in Italy, avoid crossing roads, especially at a pedestrian crossing.
Those Italian drivers are terrorists in their own right.
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