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Originally Posted by Antonio Correia View Post
For photographers needing to be seen as so. A bad taste option ! At a price !

I would like to get back to the essence of this - promotion of brands and positioning the names in the luxury brand ecosphere. Companies such as Nespresso, Channel, Hermes spend 20-50 million US $ to have "Flagship" store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills CA. Tourists, (from China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Europe, especially), with so much money to spend, flock to this hedonistic thriving commerce thoroughfare every day. So this is an example, like the decorated Leica, to help associate a brand with "luxury" and having reached an "elite" level of life. Thus the brand gets considered a sign of increased worth and status.

This helps make the brand work and the labor supply chain filters down with more employment and secure livelihoods all down the manufacturing and merchandising food chain. At the same time, Leica is also benefitting from an easy financial shot in the arm as thousands of folk need new and even more exotic lenses.

This is not the ecosphere where I am comfortable, but it does help companies meet their bottom line and provides another help in busines buoyancy. So while it's easy to poke fun at reclothed Panasonics and Leicas, it's all part of the business of staying afloat!

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