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Hi Doug,

you are welcome.

Let's see when the camera from Lytro will become available.
I see the main merit of their approach in aiming for a compact camera design which could be in a price range putting it in reach for more people.

Raytrix could modify e.g. a 5D MKII for you now, but the price tag will be high...

The idea of a Light field dates back to 1846 (Michael Faraday) and looking at the different steps shown in the presentation of Raytrix (why the quotes?) and the list of references at the end of NG's article points to an evolutionary character of the plenoptic camera development over the last century. There are a few things which became easier with the availability of decent computing power recently.

The buzz created should also be seen under the point of view, that Lytro will need some venture capital to get the job done...

Best regards,
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