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opinion day 1
I think the opinion on day 2/3/4 etc. will be the same as the system will probarbly grow more and more on me.
For the time being I'm impressed with the system.

Oh almost forgot
If you're still reading (thank you) the most important thing.....
Image quality.

This is were the AFi shines.
As mentioned before I shoot with the AFD/III and the RZ67ProII both with the Leaf Aptus 22, so I think I can make a quick comparision between the systems although the AFi 7 has 11MPs more.
The first thing I have to say is that although the backs can be the same, the quality of the camera is VERY important as is of course the glass.

When I bought the RZ67ProII I never thought it would replace my 645 in the studio, but it did. The quality of the detail is just better with the RZ67ProII.
The AFi I will place slightly above the RZ67ProII.
I'm blown away with the 3D effect of the RZ67ProII and the Leaf AFi adds a nice little edge to this (making the images even more real).
I cannot say if this is the 33MPs or the glass/camera, but I do know it's one of those (:D), so when comparing the SYSTEMS I give the price to the AFi, which actually is not a surprise I think seeing it's price point.

IF and I say IF I would have to start all over with my gear, I know that the AFi would be my camera.
At the moment I own the 645AFD/III with a nice selection of lenses, the 645AFD/III is a nice almost stealth like camera which I love to carry with me on street photography and holiday, The RZ67ProII is the camera I love for it's feel and look but I have to shoot from a studio stand in the studio.
The AFi lies exactly in the middle of these two.
It's very close to the RZ67ProII for looks and feel (without the shutter cocking), but MUCH more balanced making shooting handheld a breeze.
It's also a little bit less obvious than the RZ67ProII for outside shooting.

So I think Leaf delivers with the AFi a stunning camera which will suit ALOT of photographers.

Now, were's my gun to rob the bank.....
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