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Nill, your later choice is really the best. You will just have to be more selective as to what player and their location you are going to shoot.
You will have to be in tune with the game probably more so with the flash. For ie: if ball is on your side of field hash marks, go for it. Lineman, center, dbacks, pretty much all players except for far side kids. When ball is on far side hash marks, you will decide to wait and see what happens. Hope a sweep to your side comes, or a pass play to your side. You will also need to be really active in moving up and down the field. With the 70-200, dont be more than 10 yards up or downfield. Some coaches are cool about you beng there, other schools will request you keep outside the "box", 25 to 25 yard line. The real challenge is keeping those "parents" and year book kids out of your way while you shoot. With lighting that bad, you may concentrate on the kids on sideline.
No helmets on, sweaty face, water bottle shots are pretty cool to. Flash is great for that. If team is winning good, you can start to shoot buddy photos. School field lighting here in so cal are pretty good. I shoot from 640-320, 3200 with my 300,2.8. Get great stuff. Other school fields that are bad, I dont bother. Its nice to have that flexibility.
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