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Originally Posted by Mark Hampton View Post
[COLOR="DimGray"]2 panels of a four panel work. this is the union Manifest destiny section. i have used some symbols that are ancient and also modern - meanings have been stacked on these from many cultures. some good and some bad.

the culture i have grown up in practiced and still does manifest destiny

"Britannia Rule The Waves" (turn up the sound), immediately popped up when I saw these pictures, then gradually spread of this genetic influence in all the subsequent progeny.

[Extract Right Panel]manifest.destiny - M Hampton

Epson CN21NF lazer print on Logic Image 80/mg paper with church candle wax scanned - 40/40 images


The art in layers is excellent as a concept and well executed. Your explanation is generous and a gesture that I really appreciate as I can get far closer to your intent and mindset, than trying to read it on my own and totally up to my own devices. Still, even with your explanation, I can use your work as a "muse" for my dreamy times. So it works on many levels.

The guide you provide, (through your brief introductions), is indicative[/I] but not compulsory; kudos for not being slavish to "Art must speak for itself"!

Thanks for sharing,

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