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Originally Posted by Bill McCarthy View Post

the layering is wild! Love the colors. Do you want to talk about the Process? Does the single image have 24 layers and how important to the final product is the title? I read a very sensitive but singular portrait. The face has incredible strength which in some ways overpowers the gorgeous surrounding layers. Who is on top?

I would of course favor the gridded grouping, but at screen size I lose the fluidity of the layered details.

Very nice work,

PS I enjoyed the research paper on Jackson Pollock’s fractals, it was informative. I love that there always seems to be folks that want to tell you why someone did what they did, after they are dead (we have no way of knowing if he actually was influenced by the landscape, but the idea of fractals is fun).


you have not been around for a bit - busy I guess - here is an update of one of the 24 images.

- Deka

still think-inking of the link in this one for the title - the work has moved on somewhat in a physical sense. it seemed important for me to take it back to photographic plane - so this is an image of the images.

I also have some more links - some more science thoughts from those boffins who think and experiment.

a "democratic " approach to focus - read this

is Rembrandt high enough art

or this.

have a read... think... and then back to work !

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