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Originally Posted by Bill McCarthy View Post
Hey Mark,

Yes . . .very busy and almost never near a computer. Into the third year of rebuilding a family property and my wife and I have decided to dedicate all of our time (since February) so that we can move our selves and our studios in next month (or we will go crazy). Have followed somewhat on my "dumb Phone"but am almost never able to manipulate the tiny keyboard! Impressed with the Alter Peace; graphically on my tiny phone screen it looks strong and very impresive.

Has the Wedding Party moved toward an album of individual portraits? Deka looks strong and I like the depth of the layering around the centered face. The eyes hold me captive so that I have a slow voyage around the remaining surface areas of beautiful layered color and textues. I like where you have gone.

Some time I might want to talk about the titleing that we use to direct the reading. As in the "Alter Peace" the title has directed me in a way that is differant than if I had stumbled apon the naked object. This is not a negative comment, but instead a philosophical ramble. Perhaps akin to some of what was identified in the only link that I was able to connect with (the study of viewing time per art piece in museums).

Sorry been remiss and not updated this since I got back from Mull.. Mull for me is not so much a place but a state of mind... but that is another story

G8.Alter.Peace – has taken shape for me and is ready to move into either one of two directions. I either make it as a “real” work – cut up flags and put “things” together and then photography it or keep it within the realm of digital / real, Where the parts have been constructed from samples are printed out waxed and then photographed – I still need to work on which process suits the work – Digital / Chemical – but I do find the elements stack up.

I find myself on this work leaning toward the latter.. as I keep thinking of the fiction the nation state.. in relation to data / information.

There was a quote that I found that seems to shout.

“Art is not a mirror to reflect reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.” —Bertolt Brecht.

I am as yet unsure how this works – within what I have done/do . But I do find it an idea that may have considerable worth.

I don’t consider what I do as Art until someone has read it as such. As this thread points out ad nausea – each viewer makes the work a new – from their context. In essence they are the artist.

Wedding Party – ahh another slow work – this is still the same – I posted up some other images from the 24 – there are 24 portraits stacked 24 deep – moved one at a time – so the images that are creeping in are different portraits from the whole...

Deka – is my chosen name (I didn’t use it till recently because of the TOS of this site ((only Real Names)). I am the tenth in my family. I was given the name Mark – but have chosen the number of my birth as my name for work I undertake. It tends to be slipped in on the site from a point that you were not here much – so is not a title as such (but is because every name is a title I guess).

Titles can be very important. They provided a context that the maker can give the work. This can either be a description or a suggestion for reading. In Books chapters may have titles – sometimes they describe what may be going on – sometimes they may suggest a jumping off point that the maker has though allows a deeper rereading of the subject matter.

Your thoughts on this context would be worthwhile – when you have access to more than a phone some of your knowledge would be good.

Hope your well !
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