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Default Wimberley Sidekick on a Monopod

Hi, all

An English friend just sent me a link to this thread about using monopods with
Arca-style clamps and it made me want to share my set-up.
I shoot mostly birds, so I'm not sure if this is a good set-up for football,
but I get the feeling it's great for any type of action photography.
I have pretty much retired my tripod in favor of a Feisol 1471 carbon fiber
monopod with a Wimberley Sidekick and a custom-made aluminum block that
allows the Sidekick to work on a monopod.
It's an awesome combo!!! I use a Canon 1D MkII with a 500mm f4 IS
and once I balance everything, tracking moving subjects is a piece of cake!
The rig stays put with the lock knob completely loose, and I carry it around
over my shoulder while holding on to the twist lock on the monopod to
keep everything from twisting around and hitting me on the head.
I'm not sure if all Sidekicks have the two extra screw holes, but if yours
has it, it is definitely worth a try! All you need is a block of aluminum with
a 3/8" threaded hole on the bottom and two through-holes to reach the
Sidekick's 1/4"-20 holes and make a rock-solid connection; or, if you wanna
go the extra mile, attach an Arca-style clamp to the block so you can remove
the sidekick more easily to use with your ballhead on a tripod.

This set-up should be even better to use with a Wimberley replacement foot,
for those using 400mm and 600mm lenses.

Happy New Year to all!!

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