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Default Sidekick on Monopod


I actually emailed Clay Wimberley those two pics and suggested they sell
the adapter. He said he had tried in the past to sell the idea to sports
photographers but had little luck. I suggested he try again, as they
must have sold quite a few Sidekicks by now.
It would be great if they made it with a quick-release clamp.

I actually used to use a Bogen swivel-tilt head with a Kirk
clamp, but the Bogen head can't handle the weight well, and
I was always worried the whole contraption was gonna fly right
out of the monopod. I don't worry anymore! :-)

A friend made me that adapter. He makes telescope rings
and plates, and had a block of aluminum around that was
perfect for my application.
You could try your local machine shop and see if someone can
make you one. It could cost you $50.00 or maybe a 12-pack!

If you can't find a shop, email me and I'll try to get you one.

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