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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
I just selected the number 6 as it is "enough" for one section of a collection for me to get an idea of what's available in the parameters you are focussed on. But you may well have more in that same category for us to make further selections to expand/refine that category, if needed. Just that they should be selected so that it's really the best of what you'd share! If the incoming images shift the topic away from the concept of "Spaces we live in/ interact with, take control of, are special to us" and the like, we'd just reframe our ideas on what the unifying topic should be. What we want is that, given this general topic, we can assemble a broad number of ways of looking at man and space on this planet: spaces, private, public, theoretical or imaginary as long as one can show it in a compelling image.

The assembled collection will be submitted in May to the gallery. If my curating is accepted, then the exhibition will be "on" some time starting November/December 2013. Otherwise, we further refine it for early 2014.

If the standard is not high enough, we'll delay the presentation.

Thanks, Asher.
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