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Originally Posted by Pat Dwyer View Post
Being a photographer has some high points, like being able to capture an image that can never be reciprocated..... great sunset, a perfect setting in the sky, perhaps a celebrity on vacation in acapulco or what ever..........But there are just so many photographers out is hard to compete.............if someone wants to be a writers, some publishing companies get 30 submissions for books every day...........the field. of photography is similar, there are just so many pictures in magazines, yet the number of photographers is incredible.........getting something published is like winning the is practically impossible......................

The last thing I would try to sell would be another sunset! Equally a movie star in Acapulco! The first is usually redundantly nostalgic and the second is a paparazzi intrusion and to me antisocial!

If one is talented and devotes oneself to making images one likes that are both unique and go beyond what "is" to provide an experience others can not only relate to but also bring their own imagination alive in a new world, then one has something to sell.

I would hope everyone can, with dedication, focus and self criticism, develop a unique path in photography that others might want to follow with fascination and joy. Most of us do not put in the time and effort or lack belief in their own "offspring".

If a girl can wake up one morning and decide to beat all odds and have a romance with a married President of the United States, (despite all the layers of security and protection), and succeed then surely you can get one of your best pictures published in at lest one of the many thousands of news outlets open to you and begging for novel content!

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