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Originally Posted by Ken Tanaka View Post
If you can't get to a Phase One demo (and few can) you can still get a very good grasp of Phase One's system architecture concepts and products from their online materials.

Here are some professional in-use vignettes of of new IQ180 backs.

And here are some tutorials on the (relatively) new 645DF camera system.
Thanks for the links!

Originally Posted by Ken Tanaka View Post
What's particularly notable about the new IQ backs is that they're not just updates of the P+ backs. The IQs are completely re-architected around a Phase One custom proprietary operating system designed exclusively for the jobs required of high-resolution digital imaging. Outwardly what you notice is the instantaneous start-up and, of course, the iPhone-like touch interface with the luscious "Retina" display. (No more Flintstones screens and interfaces!)
I must admit I was so taken by the amazing viewfinder clarity and that I could manually focus gain, (like I was 18 yrs old), that I paid almost no attention to the screen except to see what I had shot! This was a thrilling experience.

Originally Posted by Ken Tanaka View Post
Additionally, the characteristic Phase One four control buttons are now inset on edge bevels in the IQ backs. This may seem like a trivial styling change but it's not! The P+ buttons are flush to the back and are easily accidentally pressed by body-bumps when the camera is on a neck strap. (This is why the button lock-out feature is so prominent.) But the IQ buttons are now positioned equally conveniently as the P+'s buttons but away from such constant body-bump hazards.
That too, I didn't realize as I had only previously used Phase One backs on a Mamiya RZ!

Originally Posted by Ken Tanaka View Post
I thought I was set for life with my P65+ but once I saw these new IQ designs I knew that this was much more than a marketing campaign. So, yes, I've an IQ160 on order, expecting arrival sometime in May.
I hope you got a great discount trading in your older back! The Pentax 645 is going to be an interesting camera as it pushes prices downwards while offering a modern electronic interface. However, 80MP trumps that by a great margin. I'm excited at the prospect of testing the camera again today with new models and cocktails on the rooftop of Samys Sunset Blvd.!

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