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Default A Foretaste of the IQ180

Shot at Calumet in Los Angeles, first look, as shot, no manipulations:

First with the 5D Mark II 32mm (24-110mm L IS), f 8.0 1/200 ISO 160 This is the camera I use for most fashion, music, ballet and portrait work.

Asher Kelman: Test shot 5D Mark II, cropped

Next with the Phase One IQ180 110 MM f6.3 ISO 80 With the camera tethered, the pace of shooting is slower, obviously than with the Canon 5DII freehand. I think I'd like to test shooting free with the Phase One. My background is with film, so I don't really need to slow down to see what comes up on the screen. Still, the images that appeared were immediately a new class for me. Now for a start, the lenses used do not match, obviously, so this is no "A versus B shootout", just a new and enjoyable experience for me.

Asher Kelman: Test shot Phase One IQ180

The Phase One image out of the camera has a lovely golden hues, a preset in the camera, no doubt! The image on the right is color-corrected referencing the model's white sclera. I have no end of love for the new digital back! Smooth tones and a kind of 3D appearance to the features. Not scientific, but exciting nonetheless!

Just a taste. More to follow.

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