Thread: Documentary - The Making Of "Puff of Wind Sculpture"
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Hi, Asher,

Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post

I find your option agreeable!

In the final installation, there is no concrete "pot" and no railings. Instead the grey round column rests on a new, (4.5 meter high, by 1 meter square), tall block of granite. Very simple!

Actually, inside the granite facing will be, 4 steel columns welded together and bolted to a deep concrete base hidden in the ground. I will add a rendered picture to show this.

The four outside cables, (to the base), will no longer be needed.
Sounds like a rather nicer arrangement.

So is the "ground", in which the concrete foundation will be, the roof of the parking structure? Or are we talking about a different site?

Oh, I see from your earlier discussion that the actual site has not yet been "frozen".

Your "virtual reality" is so good it is hard to be sure just what we are seeing!

Best regards,

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