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Originally Posted by Nicolas Claris View Post
To my American and foreign friends:
Please do not believe what Fox News broadcasted these last few days about "no go zones" or charia law in Paris. These are wrong and false informations

Fox News does have some nutty voices, for sure. One has to know the characters before taking insult! Some are honest and a few are so strident in their dislike of liberals, the UN, Europe, especially the French, that casual listeners can't be blamed for disbelieving everything, LOL. But the truth is that, on occasion they are the only news here that does tell the truth. Often CNN is almost anti-American and in those circumstances, Fox News can be an amazing window of fresh air. But then either Ann Coulter on Hannaty come on and one wants to avoid them like the plague.

So, Nicolas, I can understand if one finds nonsense reported by Fox News. I'd love to know who actually made the crass statements!

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