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Originally Posted by Antonio Correia View Post
Don't you think that the drawings are very - but very - provocative ?

I can't understand why Muslims have been provoqued over and over...

Charlie has been advised by the French government to stop but...

How much did this cost () to the French people ?

10% of native French are Muslims. Am I wrong ?


There is a double standard. In the middle East, cartoons and caricatures of Jews as demoniacal beasts destroying the world are not uncommon. However, the folk are naturally offended when a tiny hardly known French Satirical magazine is disrespectful to Muslim sensitivities. After all they make equal fun of Jews and Christians!

I would never do as Charlie Hebdo has done. I try to show respect where the person is sincere and not advocating anyone else losing rights.

In fact I celebrate diverse ways of societies recognizing some great divine force. This concept is present in most cultures. It does not mean I believe the Pope is somehow more or less important than the local scout master, or that I don't admire the Dalai Lama even more or that I have learned wisdom from Jainism priests from India. I believe all these ideas are allegorical expressions of reverence for life. However, in practice, the religions have done a poor job at core values and we get hatreds and ethnic violence and death such as recently happened in Paris.

If the Jews had 1.5 billion followers and lots of oil, then Zionism would be romantic and executing Jewish shoppers in a Kosher store in Paris would be an attack to be ashamed of. There would be no chance that the Jews in France would not be protected in their schools and synagogues. As it is, the largest Jewish Community in Europe is likely to be driven out.

What really should happen is that marginalization of muslim youth has to be addressed so they are proud to be part of one of the greatest civilizations ever. Unfortunately, even 3rd generation immigrants from Morocco or Algeria or Tunisia are still considered foreigners. Still, no nation has done more to promote the rights of man than France. Thank goodness that Napoleon invaded neighboring countries and then Muslims and Jews and Christians of any persuasion were rendered citizens and equal before the law.

Despite this national heritage, Prime minister of Israel,m Benjamin Natanyahu was formally requested not to attend the march in Paris and then President of France purposely stormed out of the Synagogue memorial service just as Natanyahu got up to address the Jewish congregation. Hollande needed to make a public point of distance and utter separation between him and the Israeli Prime Minister. It simply cannot be that France is to be seen as close to Israel, as the 1.5 Billion Muslim world is looking on.

The truth however is that orthodox religious Jewish values of modesty and reverence are very close to Muslim values. Muslim countries have been refuges for those escaping church persecution either from the Catholic Church, Luther's reform Church or the English state run version of Christianity. We both suffered the massacres and pillage of the Crusades.

Yes the cartoons are provocative and in bad taste, but are critically part of a free thinking rational society where one is open to be disrespectful to anyone who has power and influence! It must be near impossible for devout Muslims to approach understanding a right to defame the profit, but, yes, even that is legal in a fee society.

Then with free speech, others can argue against the disrespect. That's how we can learn. I don't like the idea of insulting a sincere religious person, but I do think that those in power can do with some tomatoes thrown at them.

My sneaky feeling is that God is not mad at Charlie Hebdo but at the divide between different cultures that we can neither show respect nor take a joke!

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