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Default I am new to using masks

I've been using layers for a while now, mainly for editing jpegs. The last year I have been shooting only in RAW. I found myself using layers less as I was using ACR to do my adjustments. I never really used masks until recently when I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try to learn more about doing selective localized edits to certain images, all the while using ACR for my global edits. So I now find myself doing some localized post-production in CS3 using layers and masks. Rudimentary masks. Tims tutoril is great. I wish Id come across it sooner as it would have tempted me to do yet even more to my images. If I knew then what I know now.
It would be of great benefit to people reading the tutorial if there be a list of potential applications for the mask and layers technique. It helps to know HOW to do it but it is equally important for people to realize when they should use them.
For example, layers and masks come in handy when one wants to apply noise reduction exclusively to a certain portion of the photo since noise reduction could be destructive to the parts of the image that are not noisy. What really spurred me to delve it to learning masks was their application in selective denoising.
It would benefit learners if they had ideas of when these techniques would come in handy.
So perhaps people could list types of image manipulation, that a new learner may not have thought about, when layers and masks would be a good technique. Sure it helps to use the layers for global edits but new learners also need to know what kind of local edits the masks are useful for. Localized denoising is one.

Just my 2 cents worth.
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