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Originally Posted by James Lemon View Post

I am currently involved in numerous ongoing projects with tight schedules. I have a difficult time getting past your bullet points. I am not much interested in the past or looking out many years into the future. I just don't have the time.
But In a fraction of the time you spent arguing against this report, you could have at least got through 1/2 of it! But if you don't have the patience, I accept that! Not everyone can be bothered to read technical papers about stuff that doesn't effect them. You are not at fault there.

That's fine by itself. Trump doesn't read things either.

But then you both have no business rejecting this report, until you, (or your minions, if you have them), do find the time to read it, at least once!

Originally Posted by James Lemon View Post
BTW are you folks in California still dumping your poop into the ocean? Just curious.
You're a bit late to raise the subject, I'm afraid. Routinely, it's practically all converted to methane for fuel; but the mayor follows you and admits you really earned it, sorry!

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