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Originally Posted by James Lemon View Post

I did not know that the state of California had a Mayor?
That's what happens when you don't read, not even what you wrote. Here it is the cities that have responsibility for the sewage you are obsessed with. Cities are governed by mayors.

Now to the main writing you conjured up:

Originally Posted by James Lemon View Post
"A group of prominent US climate experts have told a Congressional committee hearing that climate science is dysfunctional, beset by bias and groupthink, and is using a profoundly unscientific approach. Speaking before the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, Professor John Christy told representatives that “consensus science”, as practiced by much of mainstream climatology, was “not science” at all, while Professor Judith Curry explained that “self-deception” had got the better of far too many climatologists"

So, once again, like your standard bearer, you claim "you have no time to read", but you do consume such unsourced, unreferenced climate-denier poop as if it were mother's milk.

It is a vacuous approach.

As long as you cannot quote from the document this thread is about, please do not comment further using such unrelated "denial-talking points". This is not the place for it and it is outside the TOS.

I have been very patient, but you obviously cannot focus on the topic, which is the details and analysis and worth of the science in the report I linked to. Either you debate on that or not at all for this thread! So please have the courtesy to not post on this topic as you are not prepared to engage in the matter! When you have read the report and have something related to discuss, send me a PM and then I will devote my attention to your findings and reply to you, taking time to read everything you have labored to understand and respond to. Until then, you cannot post in this thread. So don't!

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