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Originally Posted by James Lemon View Post

I do not need to read any report that suggests that we can somehow predict long term future climate conditions based on past patterns to know that this is nonsense, and a waist of good resources.

I will not waist anymore of my time on this subject.

This is a perfect summation of the clarity of opposition arguments.

Let's close the thread with the balanced view of Michael Stone in this quote,

"Over the years, there have been many examples of Doomsday scenarios promoted by scientists and advocacy groups, with support from government and industry. I remember previous scenarios that the world's oil supply would be used up by now, famine would wipe out large populations in Africa, AIDS would do the same in Africa and beyond, computers would crash and havoc would ensue because of the millennium bug. Most of these scenarios did not happen because of the use of good science for purposes of remediation. It bothers me that we now have climate change deniers that dismiss science they do not understand for reasons I do not understand. "

........[my added 8 dots], as I remember, there were few such deniers for preceding doomsday scenarios. "

In my judgement, for much of the religious right, (at least in the USA), "Climate change science" is a pure bred sibling to "believing" in evolution, and not only is anti-business, but also an ununseeming smack in the face of God, the supreme being. "Look-it, fools, he created the entire place!

Obviously, he'll never cease to protect us, no matter what; and that's a fact!

It doesn't explain the cynicism of climate deniers from Canada, but with the hoards over here, those in Canada are merely "budget dust"!

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