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Another one of our specimens that has, indirectly, a "special" connection is our 1951 Ciné-Kodak Royal Magazine camera.

This model (introduced in 1950) was the third generation of the Kodak 16-mm magazine load cameras (well sort of - the first two for all practical purposes differed only in the naming as the model naming strategy changed), and in fact was the last of the Kodak 16-mm magazine load motion picture cameras (made until 1967).
After this model, the emphasis in 16-mm cameras was in the semi-professional and professional spheres, where spool loading was the norm (in part because of the greater film capacity via that mode). Magazine loading, however, continued to be very attractive in the "consumer" cameras, all using 8-mm film.
Of special interest is that Princess Elizabeth, soon to become Queen Elizabeth II, used a camera of this very model (sadly, probably not this specimen, as near as we know) to take the charming movies of her young children that have recently been unearthed and presented by the BBC.

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