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Sorry, C1 = Capture One processing software and I prefer it for it's UI and excellent quality conversions for every camera's raw file I've run through it.

Try this in LR:

1) Set color balance to a good neutral -- try droppering the curtains in the upper window, or just dial in 5000/ +3 as a respectable starting point.

2) Adjust exposure (on the actual 0 image which is your first) to pump the shadow in the dark window -- try adding about 30%. Unfortunately this is the big disadvantage to LR, it cannot pull shadows like C1, so I suspect you might not get much brick detail from it.

3) Adjust saturation to 0

4) Increase contrast to 50 - 90; try 90 with your image as the mids are flat and good B&W needs punchy midtone contrast

5) Increase clarity slider to between 50 - 100; try 75 with your image

6) Adjust highlight recovery until the window reflection highlight is the only thing clipped; probably about 25 or 30 for your image

7) Adjust fill up to get lower midtones back up to taste; try around 15 to 20 for your image

8) Adjust black point up to insure some visible full blacks -- necessary for believable B&W -- usually around 4 - 8; try 6 for yours

9) Adjust brightness to balance total image -- usually needs a bump to 55 - 75 to compensate for the black point and contrast adjustments; try 60 or so for yours

10) Optional: go back and adjust color temp and/or tint to fine tweak tonality to taste -- you should have a very decent B&W right out of the raw converter ;-)

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