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Default Backup and Cloud Computing for Mission Critical Tasks: Example - AWS!

I booked a place for the keynote speakers at the AWS Amazon cloud this morning. What amazed me is the rapidity with with cloud computing has subsumed and reinvented the ways major companies provide services at lower capital cost and advances without time delays with scalabilities that are almost unimaginable.

Asher Kelman: Screen snapshot November 28th 2012
AWS Keynote Speaker Andy Jassy, Senior VP AWS Amazon Web Services

Most remarkably one can consider the US Presidential Election of 2012 where 18 months ago there were essentially no full time employees to the height of the campaign where two competing industries, each with up to millions of employees and volunteers across all 52 states had to do battle. The Romney campaign built their own servers and went to work well funded and with very capable management. The Obama campaign turned their back on that paradigm, The instead went to the cloud. That meant no risks of server downtime, leveraging Amazons scalability and being able to focus on their own innovation. So what did they invent? Well they developed over 200 custom cloud based applications all integrated with one database but each dedicated to one task. So there were modules for assessing, nurturing and following through with donors, modules to analyze the habits and leanings of each separate US voter so they knew where to send their phone calls and volunteers.

They did not enter the cloud on their own. Obama's team did something exceptionally smart. They entered via SAS services. SAS is a company founded and run by Sanja J. Poonen and is expert in all business and enterprise level giant real time transactions, done to exacting security and within legal oversight boundaries. So they followed in the steps of the 2012 Olympics, Nasdaq, Dancing with the Stars and the journeys of the Mars rover, Curiosity and entered the encrypted cloud world of high level computing.

So how does this effect us? Well everything we do will be in the cloud. Who knows, some among us might be already contributing to its capability and others no doubt with invent software that will make their mark. I just thought it would be fun to contemplate a world where an election campaign was able to carry out 500,000 transactions per second securely, obey all election regulations, have a record of what as done for transparency and allow people to compete for votes in an open environment. This is a powerful change to democracy. It's a challenge to us to keep it honest!


Oh, BTW, for those who didn't know, Governor Romney's election campaign servers broke down and President Obama won a second term as President of the United States! I have a distinct feeling that before long, some republicans are going to sit down with software engineers and map out a cloud strategy of their own!

Read more on how democratic political partiers will have to learn to wage war here.
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