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Reduced Redundancy Storage.

If one is working with colleagues on large image files, say for an exhibition and you want a number of sites to have easy internet access then Reduced Redundancy Storage may be an economical choice. It should be that you have the data already stored and that is tis recreatable. The data is pretty damn safe, but only to a level of 99.99%. So that in one year, you could have a 0.01$ chance of losing data. Regularly stored data on AWS is 99.9999999999% safe per year.

Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS) is an Amazon S3 storage option that enables customers to reduce their costs by storing noncritical, reproducible data at lower levels of redundancy than Amazon S3ís standard storage. It provides a cost-effective, highly available solution for distributing or sharing content that is durably stored elsewhere, or for storing thumbnails, transcoded media, or other processed data that can be easily reproduced. The RRS option stores objects on multiple devices across multiple facilities, providing 400 times the durability of a typical disk drive, but does not replicate objects as many times as standard Amazon S3 storage.

Reduced Redundancy Storage is:
  • Backed with the Amazon S3 Service Level Agreement for availability.
  • Designed to provide 99.99% durability and 99.99% availability of objects over a given year. This durability level corresponds to an average annual expected loss of 0.01% of objects.
  • Designed to sustain the loss of data in a single facility.

Is anyone using AWS for their pictures. If you don't know, then if you use Shutterbug, then you are already a user! I am just thinking about it since it appears flexible and backed by one of the strongest companies. what cloud services do folk here use and why?

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