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Originally Posted by Doug Kerr View Post
This is to summarize the backup practice here, which is described in more detail here:

On each of our two computers, an external drive (in a dock at that computer) is kept synchronized with the internal operating drive (not in real time, but automatically brought up-to-date every night). This duplicate drive is bootable, and should the internal drive fail, the duplicate can be quickly mounted in its place and the machine will be back in operation.

In addition, every night, all data files on both computers (including all photo files, both as they came in from the camera and as processed from various "shoots") are automatically backed up to another external drive on my computer (in a separate dock). This backup system uses "versioning": up to three copies (of progressive "age") can be kept of every file (with unique variations of the filename so they can coexist on the backup drive).

There are two of each of the three external hard drives in this system (the "duplicate" drive on each computer and the "backup drive", on my computer). One set is kept in a bank safety deposit box. The two sets are swapped about monthly.

No clouds (yes, we have some lovely ones here every couple of weeks) have been disturbed in the making of this system.

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Looks like you have things well under control Doug.

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