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Default Huge picture collections? Phase One "Media Pro" catalogs choke and freeze!

Catalogs with 1/2 million files freeze my late 2013 MacPro. One has to reboot to defeat the ball of death! Here's the big problem: That last Media Pro catalog, always reappears on booting and again freezes, (even if one moves the saved catalogs, attempting to hide them from the application)!

Solution? Shut down the system, expel the drives that the catalog need, reboot and wait. This time, although the overloaded catalog will again appear, the ball of panic will eventually go away. (Running disk utility on the Apple system drive might encourage that.) In any case, waiting 5-10 minutes and the defiant catalog is now accessible and can be closed with one click of the mouse!

Now the question: which file management software can routinely handle 600,000 files adroitly and without crashing?

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