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Default Your first darkroom!

Did you begin your photo career by developing your own photos? I did, as a teen back in late 1974. Starting with blue solar prints of box camera negatives and working my way up to 126 and then 35mm, Iíve still got most of my old negatives which include photos of my darkrooms.

With the weather cooling down (even here in LA), itís nice to sit at home and dig through the old photos scanned to the hard drive.

Hereís a pic of my younger brother helping me in my first home darkroom, circa late-1974 (B&W Polaroid photo). No enlarger at this point, only contact prints. Then a pano of the same room a few years later.

Finally a screenshot of a set of my very first 126 photos as contact prints, 1974-5.

Please post some of your old darkroom facility photos.

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