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Originally Posted by Fabio Riccardi
Hi Again,

yes, I'm being a pest but I couldn't resist...
Fabio, you're not really a pest, I CAN BE a better/worth provocative pest than you! :

Well a lots of efforts guys, it is amazing how to much workflow may disturb/break a picture when the orginal was well done (framed, colored, composed).
Despite all your efforts I still prefer the original, great picture!

I do like post prod, but only when needed, unless it is intentionaly done by the author and when the shot was done in order to be enhanced thru post prod with special effects in mind when shooting.
That is the beginning of the real "arc of intent".
Otherwise the risk is big that the pic will be destroyed by too much manipulation.

In the exercise above I'd love to see what Steven Teitelbaum would have done in post prod or read his comments...
Please do no repost my images elsewhere than OPF without my permission.
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