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Originally Posted by Nicolas Claris View Post
Instead of being intimidated by the massacre at the magazine office, the result has been the emboldenment of other political satirists. In France, it's not merely a case, as in the USA of "Freedom to worship or not", but rather freedom to express thoughts of ridicule for beliefs and extreme but hallowed behaviors. Read these 12 recent cartoons to get a sense of the outrage felt against freedom of expression. Also look at the video at the foot of the page. It explains the sense of the controversy very well. Essentially, do religions have the right to censor opinions about them?

The magazine has poked at the Pope, Rabbis and Jihadists. I don't think there's any evidence that the publication has ever had intent to be bigoted or racist. but if Islam is the truth, then what on earth is the magical Pope doing in Rome, the Buddhists worshipping idols of theBuddha or Nepalese, worshiping a monkey god. Surely something is messed up in some of this thinking!

I'd rather hold the view that religion is best viewed as a scaffolding, nor the actual building. We need to not be animals and behave in a civilized fashion valuing each other. The fundamental Rights of Man, developed in so many religions but forged, annealed and embodied in the French Assembly and it's imposition by the armies of Napoleon is written into the UN charter. As long as religion doesn't interfere with individual rights of freedom of thought and personal choices and expression, then, in all its forms, religion acts as scaffolding, culturally different of course, but all helping maintain a civil society. Right now, we have a claimed right of Jihadists and some states that criticism of religions shall be against the law, worldwide. So this is the divide we face.

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