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Default Exhibition Planned for OPF Photographers, if we're lucky, Nov. 13th to Dec. 13th 2013

I'm invited to tend a set of photographers works for an exhibit at which I'm a guest curator in a Los Angeles gallery later this year. There's no charge for any entry from OPF. Just add a reply here that you are interested and how many pictures and the topics you could contribute. You will own your work and all rights, except you will allow pictures to be used in promoting the exhibit if your work is selected.

I do not know, as yet whether or not there will be sales. I'll be looking into that of course, but don't bank on that! To get your work considered, respond below, putting your name down with ~ 600x600 max size [update: required size now 1000 pixels i.e., largest side is 1000 pixels] copies of your proposed submission. You can submit up to 6 pictures per topic you choose and up to 4 topics. Based on what we receive in the posts below in this thread, and the themic content, we'll try to develop united ideas. I'll compose all the needed unifying text for the exhibit. We'll announce that. Then, you can resubmit if you have work for that set of topics, but not submitted them at that time, as yet.

We are also considering creating a new Museum of Modern Photography for pictures worthy of collecting and preserving and bringing to schools and Universities, museums and other like locations. Your work could also be considered for such a collection if you so wish.

Don't email me. Let's do things in an open way. Everything should be posted. That way we can all see what our group can deliver. Just forgive me if your work is not selected on this first go around. Don't be angry if you see other folks work seems obviously of poor quality. Submission does not mean the work will be used. Still, we might also want to include work that is naive and not technically perfect. I have never believed that technical perfect is absolutely required. Just the work must move us. Despite such generosity, the skilled artisan who takes imaginative pictures and delivers them in a professional form is going to be at an advantage.

If you can't print your work, let me know you need that help well in advance so we can arrange an agreeable solution. Otherwise, we'll assume you wil deliver a professional quality matted print of the size you commit to.

Looking forward to your participation. Just post your interest below and what subjects you will show us.

For this first curated exhibit, no nudes will be included, as parents of children seeing the exhibit will have issues at this first location. For the Planned Museum and other exhibits, no such censorship is expected.

Asher Kelman
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