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Originally Posted by Doug Kerr View Post
Hi, Nicolas,

Well, of course one always needs to walk to the right place!
...and Dear Doug,

the right composition for the "look" that lens delivers. The differences in perspective are likely "normalized" in our brains anyway based on other similar compositions. We do not perceive things exactly as they are either with our own eyes or with the lens.

So what counts is have some lens and then moving to the best position with that lens, be it 35mm or 50 mm, we eventually perceive it as being as it should be, if it was taken with that normal intent.

If one is too close, then perspective interferes with such presumption of "normalcy" unless the image is viewed up very very close from the same subtending angle.

The bottom line is that from about 28mm to about 90 mm we can get normal looking images at any usual snapping distance!

Absolute need for special lenses comes from either interest in macro, sports and the like or wildlife at a distance. Here one cannot walk to the subject with that 50 mm lens!

Today, an entire wedding can be shot with just one 50mm lens with a nice large aperture and one's feet! Most vacations too, although a single 28 mm lens might be better for the latter.

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