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Originally Posted by Nicolas Claris View Post
Good! Glad I could modestly help you to make your decision : )
I forgot to say, that when I wrote one lens only, it was a fix focal lens… With a zoom lens, you'll be the king!
However, I think that one unique focal, is challenging but forces you to adapt to it and find the right framing, also it gives a style to a whole work…
As for the MacBook, of course it is needed for saving your photos, but will also, from time to time with wifi, to post some in OPF ; )
Indeed, this time, I am intending to post some images in OPF from time to time.

We have asked - if having wifi in hotels - to be given a device so we can have web in those parts.

Later, I will post the map of the tour.
All the best to you !
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