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Originally Posted by Kathy Rappaport View Post
Ahser - I have the guts and many of the connections, I have a credit card but I don't think I can take the plunge.

With today's exchange rate - yikes. I could take a trip to Burgundy and maybe snap a photo or two if Nicolas will allow for less. Still waiting for the next full frame Canon...
Hi Kathy,

From a musicians perspective, I was 11 when I pestered my parents to buy me a Steinway D Concert Grand. Of course, being very young, I used everything at my disposal, thrown tantrums, emotional blackmail, begging, promising to do the dishes to the end of my days etc. LOL

Needless to say, even the generous dishwasher slavery offer did not work. <smile>

So, I kept practising on my piano and at that time found out that the Musikhochschule in Cologne was flawed in terms of security. LOL

Usually, students had to go to the reception and get a key for one of the rooms to get access to concert grands, sign up with time and their name and approximate return time, then sign again when they returned the key.

However, late in the day, often enough students forgot to lock the rooms, and this was when I sneaked in and usually found a room, needless to say, I had the time of my life. This went on for many weeks, until I was caught by the Dekan himself, who I was told later by my Professor had a hearty laugh about that, of course, when he caught me, he gave me Hell and escorted me out!

In the following year, I was caught 9 times, and then, finally, I got the inofficial permission to sneak in at my convinience when a room was left open but not to push it. <grins>
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