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Originally Posted by James Lemon View Post
Act but not overreact! Invading again with boots on the ground is just plain insanity at this point. So maybe the can does need to be kicked down the road a little further.
O.K., then, so you kick the can down the road, but who will rescue the Yazdis, Christians and Shia in their path. Seems pretty immoral just to take their oil and sell them all weapons and watch!

So kick the can down the road, but what can we do at home then? Here are my thoughts for immediate action:

The Europeans must examine their relationships with Muslim communities that are in their midst, but really in separate unconnected foreign worlds. They must somehow make bridges and elevate the level of self respect and build a loyalty and brotherhood to European society. Muslims can and must be integrated and Have a society that finds faith and solution, as pious Believers in the Koran too. Just that the employment and future opportunity MUST be much greater than their affinity to the DVDs and sermons coming from Radical fire breathing orators who offer self respect and glory as a warrior.

We in the USA spend more money on prisons for Blacks and Hispanics and poor whites than we do in integrating them into mainstream prosperous society. I imagine that there are social forces that parallel their experience with that of Muslims in isolated, almost self-governing areas of Paris. We pay a huge price for ignoring a large number of unemployed folk with little hope for the future, be it in a world of street gangs in the USA or Jihadi recruiters in Paris, Brussels or London.

Given that I believe that, as children, all these folk are good with warmth to the outside world and wonder about the future, we have to discern how to give their families a path to fulfillment, opportunity and prosperity within our own successful societies.

At present, these disadvantaged folk just do not even exist in our usual thoughts, unless there is a race riot in the USA every 25-40 years or an eruption of bloody carnage in Paris, Brussels, Madrid or London. After that we clean up and ignore the poor folk as usual .......... Only to be utterly shocked and surprised when another day of murderous rage scares us to the marrow!

We are so foolish!

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