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Originally Posted by Edward Bussa View Post
So, yes, its big and bold. But that is not really why I decided to try this route. I have presbyopia, which is to say, I'm over 45.

I bought this monitor so I can spend time in front of my computer programming and not have to wear my glasses. As far as I can tell, I should be able to work without glasses now!
This is all new for me. Even the specs are orientated to how a movie or video could be seen. This monitor is going to work best in dim light. Wear a dark shirt and you will be fine!

Don't change the color balance of your pictures based on this unless it's for printing right before your eyes. If you use a grey card or better a color checker passport card, rely on those for color for preparing that rare picture for actual print.

You are in for loads of fun and joy!

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