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Originally Posted by Nicolas Claris View Post
If only it could be for the younger photographer's benefit… but that's not the case…
Our government has no real interest for art and culture (despite the recent nomination of Fréderic Mitterand, nefew of a former President). Sarkozy does think (and said it!) that culture is not interesting as it does not get into economy…how false!
France is in an organized position to increase the role of French culture because of it's unparalleled contribution to the idea of a nation state with universally applauded principles and one of the richest music and artistic sources we have known. The school system is defined from above. So if they "got it" they could be making films that would change our ideas of what things are and could be. That would bring billions to France!

One good thing about Obama is that he's increasing funding for the arts!

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