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Hi, Fahim,

Originally Posted by fahim mohammed View Post
Doug, the Panasonics and/or Panasonic rebranded Leicas are excellent machines.
In the case of the ones I have, I think of them them as "not-Leica-rebranded Panasonics"!

I would advise anyone to buy the equivalent Panasonic rather than the Leica. Except that the latest D-Lux Type 109 appears to be having more issues than the previous incarnations. I would opt for the Panasonic. The price difference this time is pretty sane and Leica does include a free copy of LR.
Yes, and that is a considerable factor in comparing the "bottom line". I wasn't anxious to get into LR, so that factor didn't have much leverage here.

I have no experience with either of the machines that you have, so cannot comment performance wise.
I have been very impressed on both machines with the design, build, operation, and user interface. Some reviewers have complained that they "feel like plastic". Carla, who in a prior life was a Chevrolet salesman, said, "Yeah, some people used to say that about the Corvette - mostly people who couldn't afford one."

As to photographic image quality, especially on the FZ1000 (which has a "one inch" sensor), I haven't so far done much work that will let me calibrate its capabilities. Certainly. for the work I have done so far (mostly destined for Carla's blog and such, downsized to a maximum dimension of 800 px before they leave the lab here), the results have been very satisfying.

I hope to have some more "demanding" work done with the machine to show here soon.

Thanks for your observations

Best regards,

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