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Hi, Michael,

It looks as if for this (and many other) Asus machines there is a German review but not yet an English review.

The machine can be located with the very nice parametric search, and all its specifications and properties given, but the row in which there should be a link to the review is empty.

Now if I put the site in its German mode, and then go to the reviews listing, the Asus PA248Q appears!

Then, with the site still in its German mode, I use the parametric search with a few key parameters that should make the Asus PA248Q appear.

The parametric search seems to be organized a bit differently in the German mode vs. the English mode.
In any case, I was easily able to bring up the "column" for the Asus PA248Q. This time, in the row labeled Testbericht there was a link to the review (auf Deutsch, of course).

So the mystery is solved: there is not, at this time, an English review of the Asus PA248Q. So it's up to me and Google Translate!

I was, by the way, disappointed to see that the reviewer had rated that machine only "satisfactory"!

Best regards,

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