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Originally Posted by Jerome Marot View Post
For the record, I took my pictures and published them on this forum about 2 years before the thread from Jim Collum.

Only the color palettes and fair equipment are similar. The locations and techniques are so different and each photographer's work is unique and has it's own charm. Still, by coincidence of similarity, they do seem related, just as romantic sunsets and images of the Eiffel tower or London Bridge. There's no evidence that one was influenced by the other. If one has good esthetics and has a background in taking pictures of architecture, respecting form, (at which both these photographers are so accomplished), then these careful, orthogonally made pictures would be the esthetic chosen. I would not shoot like that as I'd go for some special angle or ultra-wide. It so happens that we have two fine photographers who know structure very well. nothing more, nothing less. But the pictures are different!

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