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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
Thanks Robert,

That’s a wealth of detail to assimilate and a good source for folk to reference!

I think I will need to make a table of the lenses, prices, magnifications and weight to really integrate this, but I get the idea.

I guess that for enlargements, if you did need the max size, then would the new Leica option deliver a better image than current Panasonic and Olympus options? IOW, are the micro 4/3 sensors currently challenging the quality and resolving power of the 4/3 lenses and does the Leica then solve any resulting such issues?

I have no concrete evidence, but I highly doubt that there would be any noticeable difference detected in an enlargement made from Leica/Panasonic or Olympus lenses. Obviously cheaper grade consumer glass would be slightly inferior and there may be a noticeable difference side by side. More noticeable difference wide open though, than when stopped down to f6.3 or f8. The content of the image would make a difference too.

The largest that I have printed with my micro 4/3 gear is 13”x19”. I was very happy with the results - especially pleased with several prints of that size that were captured with an Olympus E-PL5 and the $90 for mentioned 40-150 Olympus kit lens that I still use on a daily basis. Keep in mind that I am only interested in real world results. No interest in comparisons or micro analyzing.

As for sensor resolving power, what can I say - with my 8 and 10mp four thirds bodies that were my working cameras for many years, I produced 24x36 and 30x40 prints that my portrait clients payed big money for. My albums often included double spreads of 12”x24” - and I always tended to crop my images. The prints were excellent to my eyes and there were no complaints from my clients. Now they were made with the 50-200 and 12-60 pro Olympus lenses which were of a caliber similar to any of the lenses being mentioned in this post.

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