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A public beta version of Affinity Photo for Windows is now available from Serif.

It is available here:

As is the case with Affinity Designer, under Windows 7 one must have in effect an "Aero" theme for Affinity Photo to run. The reason, as I discussed earlier, is that Windows 7 uses an advanced rendering engine but only when an Aero theme is in effect. Affinity Photo depends on and requires that rendering engine.

As I understand it, under Windows 8 or 10 that advanced rendering engine is always in effect, regardless of the theme type in effect (and I think that in those two Windows versions there are not Aero themes).

I have acquired and installed this pubic beta version of Affinity Photo, but owing to pressure of other concerns here I have not had chance to do any editing work with it. When I do get to try it out, I will report my observations here.

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