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Originally Posted by Bart_van_der_Wolf View Post
Same with me, unless for fun or amazement, although it's a concern that many US citizens apparently get their outlook on the world from Fox news, only.

The real issue is that Fox News presents itself as a "News" organization, where in fact they are just a conservative right-wing Republican propaganda machine. Lots of their 'information' is not fact based ('some' of it is even factually wrong), but rather a one-sided opinion/spin.

You sum it up well and with humor! 👻, but it's not a uniformly dishonest organization. sometimes the news and comments are straightforward, revealing and well-balanced. In this latter role, they balance the distorted or cherry-picked "news" form CNN and Al Jazeera and even the BBC. But to benefit, one must know the characters at play. There are some 200 News Anchors, people that have their own program time and reporters. They vary from right-wing paranoid nut cases to solid dependable reporters, commentators and analysts. Of course, the bad image of Fox News is not unearned, LOL!

For sure when Anne Coulter's lips move, you don't need the sound on to know she's spouting vitriol against Obama, Liberals and Europe! When coiffed Hannity's head appears, you expect the same somewhat diluted with 50% honesty. Occasionally, he's a voice of reason and his native intelligence, candor, wit and rational thinking emerges, but that's a very lucky day! But, I do admit, putting aside the easily recognizable nonsensical obsessions with an imagined "War on Christmas", a dishonest hypocritical Democratic party, Obama's doubtful citizenship and the like, he does once in a while surprise us all and present a valuable and much-needed insight to critically important news and societal topics.

A major common trait of those that harangue against "unchristian or anti-conservative values, is the penchant for having speaking tours as populist "experts" and the publications of books for sale. One such figure is four time ex-Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and intermittent Fox News personality, a publicity hound! Like the regular Fox News anchors he sells bombastic anti-liberal books. Right now, he boosts his ongoing media attention fby attacking President Obama for his daughters' listening to songs by Beyoncé, and being a poor example and amoral.

Unfortunately for this stridden flag-bearer of right wing, so-called ,"Conservative Christians", Huckabee, (his name rhymes with Fu©kabee), and that neologism slipped out of a news anchor Megyn Kelly's innocent mouth introducing him recently, LOL, got his name right, but the fumbled on the name of his show! That went viral! It indicates that Fox News anchors are not unaware of the oddity of some of the Networks's favorite media personalities. It reveals for the first time, I believe, that there's some serious cynicism off the air by the anchors at the Fox News, where at least some of these odd folk are lampooned by their own "friends"!

The O'reilly show, A.K.A., The "Factor", is 100% honest but 10% harsh to the left, but always gives his opposition the opportunity to make independent closing remarks and "The last Word"! That's a redeeming feature. Greta Van Sustran seriously tries to be utterly honest and is a good person.

So, here in the USA, being familiar with the "talking heads", we can ignore the covens of delusional delusioners and find great news reporting by those we trust. Fox News might be partially infested with rabid preachers, but we know who these nutcase are!

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