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Default Jerusalem's old central market gets with it

I realized recently that even Jerusalem is keeping up with modern times. I went down to Machane Yehuda,
the old outdoor market, to show some visitors our traditional foods of grilled meats, shishlik, and middle eastern
salads. But the old restaurants had become fancy and yuppified, or turned into chains, and the place was
thronged with twenty-somethings (our "Millenials"). I came back for a closer look on a shabbat, when everything
is closed (we're not Tel Aviv yet), and discovered that the shutters which close off the stores had become a vast
street art project. A little background checking told me that the artist, Shlomo Souza-Kohn, a British-Israeli
Yeshiva student who lives in the area, had painted something like 200 stores with pictures of famous rabbis or
political figures, or even the store owners themselves, always after consulting with the owners. Here are some

L8002285 by scott kirkpatrick, on Flickr
L8002312 by scott kirkpatrick, on Flickr

and the whole series is here:
See whom you can identify.

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