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Default Shooting B&W With Asher

Originally Posted by Steve Robinson View Post
When I first saw the image I just knew you had used a Pentax to shoot it! ;~) I miss using B&W film. The anticipation of seeing what you've captured was as exciting as the shooting. It didn't hurt that most of the film and chemicals were free at the time. I've got 3 vintage Pentax's I could load up with some B&W and I've got a stainless steel developing tank and reels somewhere. Hmmm. Of course by now I might have gotten too used to the instant gratification (or disgust) offered by our current cameras.

Will you really do that? If you do, let me know and 'll dig up my old Pentax Spotmatic too! I have just two lenses, a 50 1.4 and a something to 200mm zoom.


Okay Asher, I just ordered some Tri-X to try out in one of my 35's (eeny, meeny, miney...). I don't have a suitable place to develop so I'm going to use a commercial lab's mailers and have them scan the negs onto a CD. A little pricey but worth a try.
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